The Overhead squat is one of CrossFit’s 9 foundational movements. To truly master the Overhead Squat, you have to keep in mind all the basics of the Air Squat, and they are; keeping the weight on your heels, back locked in maintaining the lumbar curve, chest up, butt travels back and down, knees track parallel to feet, hip crease below parallel of the knees, return to full extension of the hips and knees and head remains neutral. So with all that to keep in mind, how do I add a bar and weight placed over my head and squat at the same time?? Well, let’s break the Overhead Squat down into 2 phases.

Overhead Squat – Phase I (grip and bar placement)

Set up- getting the bar in position

Grip how wide? a good rule of thumb is to stand up straight with your elbows locked and widen your grip until the bar is at the crease of your hips. This is always a good starting point.

If you are unable to snatch the bar overhead, place the bar on your back as if you are going to back squat, widen your grip to the desired width then execute a behind the head push press.

Overhead Squat- Phase II (Execution)

1. Weight on the heels

2. Lumbar curve is maintained

3. Chest up

4. Maintain upward pressure “spread the bar with your arms, active shoulders, or show your armpits forward” These are some great ques to remember to keep you focused on keeping the bar stable throughout the movement.

5. Bar remains in the frontal plane or slightly behind

6. Butt travels back and down

7. Bottom of the squat is below parallel

8. Head remains neutral just below looking straight

9. Return to full extension of the hips and knees before executing anther rep.

Overhead squat

Wod Pics 8/7/2013 Thursday

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IMG-20130808-00233 IMG-20130808-00232 IMG-20130808-00231 IMG-20130808-00228 IMG-20130808-00226 IMG-20130808-00223 IMG-20130808-00221

Everyone is back in the saddle after a one week break. Good job CrossFit Five-O!!


CrossFit in Hawaii

Wod 8/7/2013 Thursday

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Warm-up Mobility exercises

Skill- exercises of the day

WOD 21-15-9

Bar Facing Burpees

Thrusters 95/65


CrossFit in Hawaii, CrossFit Five-O, Kalaeloa Hawaii

IMG-20130726-00211 IMG-20130726-00214 IMG-20130726-00217 IMG-20130726-00216

CrossFit Five-O was honored to provide a intro class to one of the best High School Football Teams in the State….Leilehua Mules Football Team. Great job and best of luck this year!

CrossFit Five-O in Hawaii

Wod 7/25/2013 Thursday

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Warm up- Mobility exercises/shoulder exercises

Skill- Kettlebell Snatches


3 Rounds for Time

20 Kettlebell snatches (10 each arm)

200 Meter Run

100 Double unders or 300 Singles




WOD 07/23/2013

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Partner Mobility Exercises

Partner 800 Meter Med Ball Run


Turkish Get Up




Med Ball Sit Ups

Air Squats

Hand Release Push Ups

How to do it: Do 20 seconds of burpees, then rest 10 seconds. Do 20 seconds of med ball sit ups, then rest 10 seconds. 20 seconds of air squats, and rest. 20 seconds of hand release push ups, and rest. And then do that whole cycle again – seven more times.

Hawaii CrossFit 5-0

WOD 7/17/2013 Thursday

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CrossFit is defined as functional movements, that are constantly varied and executed at a high intensity. Another aspect of CrossFit is to move Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly (LLLDQ) and what better way to express this through “Strongman” exercises.  Today we will introduce movements with the Atlas stones.

Warm- up– Mobility Exercises

Skill– Atlas Stones

Warm-up WOD 2 rounds

Kettlebell mobility movement for 20 feet

Execute 3 Atlas stone lifts from Ground to Shoulder then 5 Stone Squats or 25 Air Squats and 10 burpees

WOD 16 Minute EMOM

Odd minutes- Wall Balls  20/16

Even minutes- Kettlebell Swings 44/25

* max reps

WOD 07/16/2013

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Mobility Exercises


Power Snatch



5 Rounds for Time

400 meter Run

15 Over Squats (95/65)

CrossFit 5-0, Kalaeloa, Hawaii



Good Luck Alvin!

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Avlin pic

Best Wishes and Take Care Alvin!!

CrossFit Five O in Hawaii, 96707

“ALVIN” WOD 7/11/2013

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Today’s WOD is to thank Alvin Dionesio for his hardwork, dedication and commitment to our unit. Alvin has accepted a full time job on the island of Molokai, we will miss you!!


Warm- up

Skills- Inverted Burpee, V-ups, Weighted Lunges

ALVIN Wod 4 Rounds for Time

A= 25 Air Squats

L= 10 Lunges Weighted

V= 10 V– ups

I= 3 Inverted Burpees

N= Ninety Single Jump ropes