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Buidling #19

Kalealoa, Hawaii  96707

Coach Rick Santos 808-864-6031


Coach Troy Venzon 808-630-0137


  1. Courtney Vares-Lum, Commander, Hawaii Army Guard Recruiting & Retention Battalion says:

    You guys are awesome!


  2. Chief says:

    5 Rounds timed, pillar one, 10 burpees, pillar two 20 push ups, pillar three 30 air squats, pillar four 40 abs (10 front, 10 left, 10 right, 10 knees with med ball), run one lap. Just my suggestion

  3. Chief says:

    Also how about a short WOD and then a brief on the benefits of the nutrition we should in take and why it is important.

  4. Loren Penney says:

    Great Website!!! – LP

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