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Welcome back everyone!

September 17, 2014   Waipahu District Park  430pm

Warm up

Kettlebell relay warm up

WOD 5 rounds for time

weighted walking lunges 25/10

20 KB Swings

300 meter run

CrossFit in Hawaii, CrossFit Five-O



Open Class at Halawa Park 10-15-2013

Posted: November 16, 2013 in WOD Pics

IMG_20131116_094039_103 IMG_20131116_094119_264 IMG_20131116_094050_374 IMG_20131116_094337_409 IMG_20131116_095748_545-1IMG_20131116_094119_264IMG_20131116_094050_374

What  great class today and HUGE for a Saturday class. Wanna thank LOVELACE, CHRISTINA, and JOSHUA for coming today come back soon we really enjoyed having you! Thank you all for putting in the hard earned effort today on this Saturday morning. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

WOD 16 minute AMRAP

2 Shoulder to Overhead (S2O) 95/65

2 Deadlifts 95/65

40 Yard Shuttle Run

* add two reps every round

CrossFit in Hawaii

Poor power clean

Power Clean or Front Squat? The importance of good technique far outweighs how much weight you do. Sometimes getting the weight and increasing your strength is a great thing especially for motivation and progression, but take a step back and master the basics first and in the end your strength and level of fitness will improve leaps and bounds. Let’s take a look at what this athlete can do better;

1. Stance- too wide feet should be shoulder width or under her hips

2. Knees- her left knee has collapsed inward causing her foot to exceed a > then 12 degree angle further hindering her efficiency on the movement. “knees should track to toes”

3. Elbows- too low and her upper arms should be parallel to the ground.

4. Surrendering her lumbar curve and allowing her chest to come forward- this is probably the worse thing in her movement.

Strive for good technique and form, and in the long run your body will work more efficiently and in the end you will move more weight and achieve your goals faster and become better athletes!

CrossFit Five-O has the honor to train and mentor the female athletes at Saint Francis High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Head Softball Coach Randy Langsi understands the importance of a good core, strength and conditioning program, and has asked CrossFit Five-O to help lead his team in developing each student athlete in the 10 general physical skills. He has taken “old school” fitness and wants to add it to 21st century softball. Coach Randy and his coaching staff and parents are leading by example and have also taken the challenge and joined their girls to getting in great physical condition. Great job Saint Francis School Softball, and best of luck this season!


GREAT work students and parents of SFS Softball Team…………let’s make it to the states!!

CrossFit in Hawaii

Mililani High School Softball Girls

Posted: October 23, 2013 in WOD Pics

IMG_20131022_162606_791 IMG_20131022_162619_019 IMG_20131022_162712_330 IMG_20131022_163244_752 IMG_20131022_163314_978 IMG_20131022_163329_030 IMG_20131022_163425_110 IMG_20131022_163432_853 IMG_20131022_163626_617 IMG_20131022_164224_340

Mililani Softball girls show they are ready for the upcoming season as they “kill” the first WOD of the year! Way to go girls and see you at the TOP!!

CrossFit in Hawaii

CrossFit Five-O at Mililani High School WOD

Mobility Exercises

SKill- Air Squats, Butterfly sit-ups, HRPU, Weighted Lungers, and Burpees

WOD- For Time

100 Single Jump ropes

50 Air Squats

1 Lap

40 Butterfly sit ups

1 Lap

30 Burpees

1 Lap

20 Weighted Walking Lungers (10lbs)

1 Lap

10 Hand release push ups (HRPU)

Great Work today!

Posted: October 23, 2013 in WOD Pics

IMG_20131022_075308_175 IMG_20131022_075333_433 IMG_20131022_075408_304 IMG_20131022_075446_264


Awesome job today CrossFit five-O and thanks for bringing a guest!

CrossFit in Hawaii

WOD 10/22/2013 Tuesday

Posted: October 23, 2013 in WOD Pics

CrossFit Five-O WOD

Mobility Exercises- 1 Full Lap

Skill- exercises performed


150 single Jump ropes

50 Air Squats

1 Lap

40 Burpees

1 lap

30 Jump Squats

1 Lap

20 Front Squats (95/65)

1 Lap

10 Overhead Squats (OHS)

WOD Tuesday 9/24/2013

Posted: September 24, 2013 in WOD Pics

IMG-20130924-00277 IMG-20130924-00275 IMG-20130924-00274 IMG-20130924-00273 IMG-20130924-00269 IMG-20130924-00271 IMG-20130924-00272


Great Job everyone!! It’s a great time to get fit, please encourage your friends to come out and share the gift of fitness at CrossFit Five-O.

CrossFit in Hawaii

shirt two shirt one female pic two sfemale pic three CrossFit Five-O shirts are in! We have them in black, grey and blue. Pick one up today please see Earl or Troy. Your purchase of $20.00 will help benefit the Wounded Warrior Project to help our American Veterans.

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