Power Clean or Front Squat…poor technique

Posted: October 27, 2013 in WOD Pics

Poor power clean

Power Clean or Front Squat? The importance of good technique far outweighs how much weight you do. Sometimes getting the weight and increasing your strength is a great thing especially for motivation and progression, but take a step back and master the basics first and in the end your strength and level of fitness will improve leaps and bounds. Let’s take a look at what this athlete can do better;

1. Stance- too wide feet should be shoulder width or under her hips

2. Knees- her left knee has collapsed inward causing her foot to exceed a > then 12 degree angle further hindering her efficiency on the movement. “knees should track to toes”

3. Elbows- too low and her upper arms should be parallel to the ground.

4. Surrendering her lumbar curve and allowing her chest to come forward- this is probably the worse thing in her movement.

Strive for good technique and form, and in the long run your body will work more efficiently and in the end you will move more weight and achieve your goals faster and become better athletes!

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