WOD 7/17/2013 Thursday

Posted: July 17, 2013 in WOD Pics

CrossFit is defined as functional movements, that are constantly varied and executed at a high intensity. Another aspect of CrossFit is to move Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly (LLLDQ) and what better way to express this through “Strongman” exercises.  Today we will introduce movements with the Atlas stones.

Warm- up– Mobility Exercises

Skill– Atlas Stones

Warm-up WOD 2 rounds

Kettlebell mobility movement for 20 feet

Execute 3 Atlas stone lifts from Ground to Shoulder then 5 Stone Squats or 25 Air Squats and 10 burpees

WOD 16 Minute EMOM

Odd minutes- Wall Balls  20/16

Even minutes- Kettlebell Swings 44/25

* max reps

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